Going to Florida

On Saturday I am leaving from Florida. I am going to my grandparents house in Ft. Myers for a whole week. That is isnt as boring as it sounds because their house is right next to the beach and a mini golf course. From Indianapolis to Ft Myers is about a 19 hour drive. Wish me luck I have 3 younger siblings in the car with me, they are 11, 5, and 4. So I bet they will annoy me. I will take some pictures while I am on my way there and post them on this blog. I will be driving into Louisville, Nashville, and Atlanta. ( We will drive right by Turner Field) But the most exciting thing about this road trip is what I am going to do on Wednesday. My brother, dad, grandma, grandpa, and I are taking a 3 hour drive from Ft Myers to Miami for one day and we are going to a Nationals vs. Marlins game at Marlins Park. I will take tons of pictures and write a post about the game. So I am pretty excited about this roadtrip. I will be returning home on Sunday, June 3. Wish me luck at Marlins Park! Who else is going to Marlins Park this year?


Go to see the Fort Myers Miracle while you’re there.

Danny- I have been trying to talk my parents into taking me to a Miracle game also, but they keep saying we will be too busy while we are in Florida to go to two baseball games. I will still be going to Marlins Park though.

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