That is right I am doing a contest! I am going to buy something at the Marlins game and give it away to a lucky reader. I dont know what to give away so I am going to do a vote. Just comment on this post for which item you want me to give away.

A Gaby Sanchez T-Shirt (This is the promotion they are giving out at the game)

A Marlins Hat

This contest is a thank you gift to my readers. The contest will start on June 3 and end on July 31. To enter in this contest you have to leave a comment on my blog every comment will get your name on a slip of paper that will go into a hat. When the contest is over I will draw a name from the hat and whoever wins will win the Marlins item. Good luck! Remember to vote for what you want to be given away.


Marlins hat! The orange ones are great, but I would prefer the black.

Marlins hat!!!!! Austin just wants the black one because he already has an orange one. I want the orange one if you could get it!

Quinn and Austin- So far 2-0 in favor of the Marlins hat. And since u both want a different color I will add an orange marlins hat and a black marlins hat. So it is a 1-1 tie between the two colors.

The orange hat!!!

Ok so 2-1-0 in favor of the orange hat.

Forget the voting. I know everyone wants the Marlins hat but I just want to give out the free t-shirt that I will receive at the game. I know this sounds cheap but I want to save my money for a Reds playoff game in October. If the Reds make the playoffs I will have another contest for an item I will give out at the Reds game to make it up to everyone. I am sorry.

New reader and I enjoy your blog. I would actually prefer the shirt, as I already have an orange Marlins hat.

Zachary- Thanks! That works out good with the shirt then.

Marlins hat

Shirt is good to though

Double T- Ok so the shirt still works with everybody.
Everybody- Remember the contest starts on June 3.

I vote for the Black hat or the shirt

But if I already have an orange Marlins hat so I’m fine with the shirt

Ok good. Is the shirt fine with everybody?

I would still say the orange hat.

Everybody- Since Gaby Sanchez got sent down to AAA, the Marlins are now giving out an “Inaugural Season T-Shirt” so that is what I will be giving out for the contest

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